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February 2009


'Pull My Finger' subject of court fight


Obama artist a phony?


Students plagiarize because they can


2 former VCs in plagiarism debate


Intrepid Potash’s Avery Quits After Misrepresentation


Code theft is the toughest nut to crack


KU plagued by plagiarism


Cheaters, watch out for plagiarism detector


Students Run After Ghostwriters


Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism: a Question of Education, Not Ethics


A Student's View: Why Cheating Matters


Counterfeit Cool


It’s Culture, Not Morality


Fake research papers cast TCM to shame


January 2009


Southern Illinois' plagiarism policy appears plagiarized


A curious case of plagiarism?


TSU continues professor plagiarism investigation


2 Universities' Plagiarism Policies Look a Lot Alike


First-year nursing students raise Mac plagiarism numbers


A case of cold plagiarism?


The War on Plagiarism


A President Retires, and Plagiarism Probe Ends


Biden invites Kinnock to Washington


Plagiarizing professor retires after April scandal


University professor accused of plagiarism


Dad impersonating son in exam arrested


Cheating is a growing problem facing academia


Plagiarist Punished at Florida


Religion Writer Who Copied Work Draws Support of Readers


UT regents briefed on plagiarism allegation


Prince Rebuffed In Italian Plagiarism Case


Perfect Semblance, Imperfect Law


Professor Wins Chance to Clear Name


‘Conversations With God’ Author Accused of Plagiarism


Celebration planned to honor Wallace Stegner


Cheating in school exams goes hi-tech


'Little project' that reeled in millions for US firm


December 2008


Charles Darwin and the theory of copycats


EMI Pulls Offending Coldplay/Satriani Videos from YouTube


That plagiarized paper? Sorry, that was a draft



November 2008


University lifts work ban on two teachers


Southwestern president apologizes for lifting passage


Economy Promises to Fuel Résumé Fraud


Vigilante Justice on Plagiarism


On authorship and originality: A response


Plagiarism will be punished, warns Oxford


Iran minister impeached over faked degree


Scholars Mull Rules for Training in Research Ethics


October 2008


Half of Cambridge students admit cheating


Universities review plagiarism policies to catch Facebook cheats


Plagiarism alleged by Texas university president


UT-Pan Am president accused of plagiarism


Plagiarism row: repeat offender Bishop outsources blame


Bishop 'needs to take responsibility' for plagiarised comments


Adviser takes rap in another plagiarism row for Bishop


27 held in university degree scam


Do Our Schools Invite Cheating?


Plagiarism? Pshaw


Lawyers for Philip Morris: Judge's Opinion Shared DOJ Typos


Duplicity and Plagiarism in Zakes Mda's The Heart of Redness


on the heart of redness: zakes mda responds to charges of plagiarism


Copycat tag on science papers


Plagiarism: it's an old story


Politicians regularly steal words


Harper caught up in plagiarism row


September 2008


Popular Online Videos Teach Crafty Ways to Cheat on Tests


Is it OK to cheat?


Martin subject of lawsuit in New Mexico


HEC clears 5 PU professors of plagiarism charges


The Cooperstock controversy: professor’s allegations cast doubt on academic integrity


‘Cheating’: How the universities compare


Crime writer Lynda La Plante becomes Prime Suspect in plagiarism row


Plagiarism: No HC relief for Pune professors


TC Prof Constantine Appeals Termination


Scientist accused of plagiarism to head agri institute


August 2008


The Write Stuff?


The Education of Joe Biden


Why Doesn’t Plagiarism Matter?


Biden - plagiarism and prevarication you can believe in


IOC orders investigation into He Kexin's age


Plagiarism and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Did NYU department chairman pilfer from Chicago historian’s work?


McCain faces accusations of Wikipedia plagiarism


Plagiarism doctor banned


What are the consequences of scientific misconduct?


In defense of copycat sermons


Illegal downloading makes us all poorer


Dude, You Stole My Article


Student kicked off ship in Greece for plagiarism


When a Syllabus Is Not Your Own


Everett Herald columnist suspended for plagiarism


July 2008


Cartoonist Loses Freelance Job After Plagiarism Allegation


The Churchill Case Goes to Trial


Publishing boss accused of plagiarism


Cheating scandal prompts changes


In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many


Court Nominee Accused of Plagiarism Won't Withdraw


Fake priest infiltrates St. Peter's


Bluster's Last stand: Ward Churchill Makes a Promise


Academics plagiarise their own work to stay ahead


June 2008


Scholarly Publishers Sign On to Plagiarism-Detection Service


Columbia Professor in Noose Case Is Fired on Plagiarism Charges


Academic standards: the shame of our lap-dancing universities


Raj Persaud found guilty of 'dishonest plagiarism'


TV doctor Raj Persaud faces disciplinary panel on plagiarism charges


Plagiarism issue: PU plagiarist launches website


Ex-valedictorian in plagiarism case seeks reinstatement


Researchers Fail to Reveal Full Drug Pay


West Virginia U. President Will Resign to End Degree Controversy


Plagiarizing speech costs valedictorian


Vancouver sports columnist canned for plagiarism


Cheating rife among university students, research shows


University cheats 'not expelled'



May 2008


Teachers engage anti-plagiarism software to discourage cheating


Naperville H.S. Principal Fired For Plagiarism


Journals Find Fakery in Many Images Submitted to Support Research


Plagarism at UWE


Naperville Central principal admits plagiarizing speech


A Lesson About Copycats


Double Dipping in Conference Papers


Plagiarism rises in research journals


Blackboard's SafeAssign(TM) Used for One Million Student Papers


Scientist still getting federal funds despite misconduct finding


Professor Confesses To Lifetime Of Plagiarism


There's no shame in being the same - it's clever to be a copycat


Into the sunset


Ossining school administrator admits copying letter


Ethics@Work: The blind leading the blind


No surprises and no excuses: plagiarism at this university


House hopeful accuses opponent of plagiarism


Universities working to deter cheaters


Moorestown disciplinary action upheld


Buying Its Way Onto the Program?


Plagiarism: College seeks out external reviewers


Furniture Restorer’s Allegations of Deception Shake Antiques Trade


The Future of Plagiarism


April 2008


Polish priests warned on plagiarism


Students turn to web plagiarism


Uni chief lifted text from Wikipedia


UF professor Twitchell admits he plagiarized in several of his books


Indian chemist accused of plagiarism


Was Another New York Times Bestseller Plagiarized?


CrossRef to Launch Plagiarism Detection Service


High-profile plagiarism isn't unique to Illinois


Bollywood star loses song battle


Journals May Soon Use Antiplagiarism Software on Their Authors


UAE official says cheating students must be penalised


Students overlook "trivial" cheating


Lonely Planet's bad trip


Fired Professor and Southern Illinois U. Settle Dispute Over Alleged Plagiarism


Plagiarism pervades university society


Principal in Montgomery County probe also faces plagiarism charges


Payback, cries Smith, accused of plagiarism


80 per cent of students in UAE admit to cheating


The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret


A Plagiarized Honor Code? Oops.


Fighting College Plagiarism With Plagiarism?


Student arrested for defrauding Yale


‘Originality, Imitation and Plagiarism’


3 Operators of Major Diploma-Mill Chain Plead Guilty to Fraud Charges


Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism


Number of cheaters at Ottawa universities soars


Plagiarism accusation: Not guilty, says PU Applied Psychology Dept head


Trial over master's thesis plagiarism


Plagiarism tune plays again for music dean


Court Rules Plagiarism in K-Pop Singer Ivy's Music Video



March 2008


Federal Judge Rules That Plagiarism-Detection Tool Does Not Violate Students' Copyrights


Plagiarism screener gets passing grade in copyright lawsuit


Scholars received reward for plagiarized article


Academic Reaction to Court Decision About Plagiarism Detection Is Mixed


In Defense of Plagarism


School's plagiarism code plagiarized


It's time to deal with students who cheat


Facebook 'cheater' won't be expelled from college


Cheating getting worse at U of W


Literary larceny is now an easy act to follow


Stravinsky experts in plagiarism row


Briefs filed, defamation case draws to a close


Plagiarism and Apology


Most High School Students Admit to Cheating


Why they lie


Punjab University plagiarists: Physicists laud governor’s decision to punish


Nevada university whistle-blower accused of plagiarism


Plagiarism allegations shouldn't be forgotten


A nation of cheaters


College student accused of cheating using Facebook


Biology Papers in Prominent Journals May Be Frauds


Author admits acclaimed memoir is fantasy


Shaik 'not the only plagiarist' at UKZN


Shaik stripped of doctorate


Bush Aide Resigns After Admitting Plagiarism


University fires dean after plagiarism row



February 2008


Clinton: Obama 'Change You Can Xerox'


Plagiarism Or Smart Politics?


Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Speech


Doris Goodwin on Obama's Borrowings


White House Aide Accused of Plagarism


Indian professor guilty of plagiarism


Professor who had noose on door reprimanded for plagiarism


DT columnist fired for plagiarism


The Obama Plagiarism Scandal


Obama turns tables on Clinton


Professor in Noose Case Is Cited for Plagiarism


Allegations of plagiarism against CHP professor true, says Çelik


Obama Defends Himself Against Plagiarism Charges


Journal editors are left reeling as publishers move to rid their archives of scientist's falsified research


OU engineering school to impose honor code today


Students who plagiarized theses need to rewrite reports, receive penalties


Plagiarism investigations: Rewritten theses contain large deletions


Of course, signatures will fix plagiarism!


Korean Professor Under Fire for Plagiarism


Biology Journal Cites Plagiarism in Retracting Creationist Paper


Plagiarism issue must be settled


Internet age redefines plagiarism


New bid to stop student cheating


Plagiarism heat on Burdwan prof


Late author Cela accused of plagiarism


Cash for Coursework


A classic, or a fraud?


Write Your Own Damn Article!



January 2008


HMS Professor Caught Plagiarizing


Software reveals plagiarized study


UT Southwestern finds possible plagiarism in scientific database


Artistic homage or act of plagiarism?


Plagiarism at PU


Something rotten in the state of scientific publishing


Scientists cloning more papers than ever


Exam cheat duo guilty of fraud


FG approves dean's suspension for plagiarism


University Investigates Whether Governor’s Daughter Earned Degree


Web plagiarism a serious problem in schools


And lead us not into temptation to plagiarize ...


Parents 'buy essays' for students


Lawyer says prof's firing wasn't due to plagiarism


Nora Roberts Says Peer Lifted Material


Romance Blog Suggests Romance Writer’s Plagiarism; Signet Says It’s Fair Use


Second day of OU trial turns to definition of plagiarism


Confronting — and Not Confronting — Plagiarism


SIU plagiarism guideline work continues


Bestseller Writer's Plagiarism Calls Online Ethics Into Question



December 2007


Subpoenas issued in lawsuit against OU


Robert Fisk: The curious case of the forged biography


Art Figure Accused of Plagiarism


Fudan shames cheating scholars


West Virginia U. Accused of Rewriting Well-Connected Official's Academic Record


Universities to crack down on exam cheats


Australian University May Discipline Staff in Plagiarism Scandal, but Not Students


Yale Professor at Peking U. Assails Widespread Plagiarism in China


Music dean case now closed, says uni


Arguing Against Free-Market Plagiarism Prevention


The Secret Scribes of Harvard


Only 45 cases of plagiarism reported to YÖK in 4 years


Square Enix wins Advent Children plagiarism case


Plagiarism: Once Is Not Enough


Flattery or Piracy?


Go public on cheaters, report says


Eugen Indjic, one of Joyce Hatto's victims in piano plagiarism, to play in Birmingham


Warren man accused of selling fake Coca-Cola


Answer my plagiarism charges, Mr Roberts


Go public on cheaters, report says


Music Video Producers Fined for Plagiarism


Dus Kahaaniyan faces flak for plagiarism


Former OU prof's defamation suit in plagiarism case heads to trial


UCLan student faces expulsion following essay scam


Psychiatrist to face plagiarism charges at GMC hearing


South Korea Hunts Diploma Cheats as Scandal Snares Monk, Singer


Letters: The Ethicist









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