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News Archives


November 2007


Integrity demands preachers avoid pulpit plagiarism


Utah Cartoonist Resigns After Plagiarism Allegation


Academic dishonesty a common concern among educators


Mbeki's author accused of plagiarism


Few Policies on Plagiarism


Principal plagiarism report gets people talking


Visual plagiarism: when does inspiration become imitation ?


Getty Images wins 'plagiarism' appeal over lookalike photograph


O.J. sued for plagiarism in his kill book


Nervous journal double-checks cloning study


'Missourian' Drops J-School Professor's Column -- For Plagiarism


Ex-journalist at LSU accused of plagiarism


P'burg principal denies she plagiarized column


Plagiarism checks discussed


Journalism Professor Admits Plagiarism


Plagiarism cases a wake-up call for journalists


Show us your faces


Plagiarism software provokes controversy


Faculty Theft


SIUE's faculty senate calls for Poshard's resignation


A Surge in Plagiarism?


Reporter fired for plagiarism, fabrication


U of T faces plagiarism



October 2007


Paper flying


Most first-year students cheated


Seinfeld blasts wife's plagiarism accuser as a 'wacko'


Durham dean suspended for plagiarism


Alarab Online and Plagiarism


When plagiarism is academic


SIU faculty member panel tackles doubt over plagiarism pardon


Book release stalled, Pbi varsity teacher alleges plagiarism


Weekly paper admits plagiarizing Express-News


SIU plagiarism panel defends decision


Virginia newspaper fires sports reporter for fabrications, plagiarism causes tension


34 cases of plagiarism at W & M in the past three years


SIU President's Plagiarism Is Deemed 'Inadvertent'


6 AIIMS professors in plagiarism charge row


Professors react to plagiarism case


Bollywood still survives on plagiarism


McDavis required to give deposition in defamation lawsuit


The war on plagiarism




Panel urges Poshard to fix thesis


VISA students hurt most by plagiarism codes


SIUC attempts to rebound from plagiarism image


SIU president to keep job; panel wants writings corrected


We're on lookout for cheats, pupils are warned


Where Plagiarism and Ghostwriting Intersect


Plagiarism widespread but the cheats can be easily discovered


Beyonce Knowles sued for plagiarism


Plagiarism case dismissed


Plagiarism committee turns in report


University can submit essays to without student consent


Fiat, Daimler launch plagiarism complaints vs Chinese carmakers


Plagiarism 'growing problem' in Kuwait


Don't cheat: Plagiarism rules apply on-line


Botswana: Police Accused of Plagiarism



September 2007


Professor calls for external panel in plagiarism case


Universities use computers to catch plagiarists


Governor forms two committees to probe PU plagiarism


SIU panel unveils plagiarism report as allegations hound Poshard


Student leaders discuss Poshard case


Year-old plagiarism committee releases report


How a junior writer violated our trust with you, our readers


Yale Univ. institutes new plagiarism policy


Our predicament at SIU


Michael Jackson accused of plagiarism


JMU votes no impeachment for plagiarism


Ex-student suing Concordia


State produces records of Chancellor


More plagiarism allegations against Poshard surface


Everybody Does It


Local Congresswoman Being Accused Of Plagiarism


Turkish Professors Uncover Plagiarism in Papers Posted on Physics Server


Plagiarism and the President


Cheating students


Shame on writers for accepting plagiarist


Poshard accusations leave high school students unphased


Authors are obligated to avoid plagiarism


Plagiarists' Words of Woe Fall Flat


Faculty Divided On Alleged Plagiarism


Naomi Ragen sued for plagiarism - again



August 2007


Poshard to answer plagiarism claims


President Accused of Plagiarism Will Resubmit His Dissertation for Review


Editor of Ocala Spanish Weekly Resigns Due To Plagiarism


SIU board chairman says he supports Poshard, responding to plagiarism accusation


Appeal denied in lawsuit against pharmacy program


Digital detectives discern Photoshop fakery


Questioned findings confirmed


Plagiarism or ghost-writing?


Blackboard and iParadigms Settle Patent Dispute Over Plagiarism Software Out of Court


The many faces of the Bard


Uni plagiarism threatens repute, warns minister


JSU takes aim at plagiarism


Sweden's broadcaster guilty of plagiarism


Czech Universities using new technologies to catch plagiarists


Foreign students in plagiarism scandal


Colleges Battle High Tech Cheating


Are the rules of authorship in science fair?


Minister to sue `China Times' over plagiarism charges


Another plagiarism accusation hits JSU chief


German Provokes Chinese With T-Shirt to Fight Plagiarism


China launches crackdown on Internet-based plagiarism


In 'Preemptive Action,' Blackboard Sues Turnitin Over Patent Dispute


Hollywood's fame is Bollywood's gain


Kamal Haasan in court for 'plagiarism'


Academic accused of living on borrowed lines


Choosing the Best Plagiarism-Detection Tool


Plagiarisers beware


China blacklists 13 academicians for fraud

Prof, student caught plagiarising


Journals to discontinue 'A New You' column


July 2007


Science rife with notable fakes


MU professor retracts research after investigation

Retraction: Pharmacokinetic Interaction of Paeoniflorin and Sinomenine . . .


Colo. Professor Vows to Fight Dismissal


Judgment day for Churchill today


The charges against Churchill


Kurjak’s Project Loses Ministry Support


UK publishers left red-faced


Art professor in New York to apparently rebuff degree forgery allegations


Chippy plagiarism: Prof puts on brave face


Plagiarism: Clean chit to GMCH prof


Lavigne fires back at plagiarism claims


Blackboard Takes on Plagiarism


Blind law student loses plagiarism appeal


‘Copying from Internet not plagiarism’


Bill Aimed at Diploma Mills in CA Assembly


PU follows GCU on plagiarism penalty strategy


Canadian rocker stung by claims of plagiarism


'Roots' not without its critics


The photocopier that can catch exam cheats


Detroit Zoo director reprimanded, but keeps his job


June 2007


Fenty Nominee Questioned on Plagiarism


Youth policy draft: Shocking plagiarism


Churchill’s punishment was appropriate


"Plagiarist-gate" revisited


Changing work ethics


Probe reveals school test fraud is multiplying


Two professors punished in academic fraud scandal


Graduates Who Cheat May Lose Diploma, Degree


Fraud scientist takes RSS for a ride down Lord Ram’s bridge


Student who copied thesis from the Internet suspended for a year


Professors take search for plagiarism to Web


In rare turnabout, student accuses teacher of plagiarism


Plagiarists brought to book by new software


An end to internet plagiarism for GCSEs


Cheats 'must be treated fairly'


Big fines for university cheats


The eternal stain of cribbing


How not to catch a thief


Pro gradu plagiarism brings punishment for student at Helsinki University


Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done?


Unesco Report Sees Growing Corruption in Education Systems Worldwide


Cheating's off the charts at charter schools


Another case of plagiarism at UKZN


Have tough times eroded OU's value?


Cheating students exposed


Superintendent’s Speech Stirs Talk of Plagiarism


Superintendent's National Honor Society speech appears borrowed


May 2007


HEC in process of acquiring software to quickly review copied thesis


Shaik thesis haunts academics


Self-help gurus take plagiarism battle to court


Palme d'Or director Cristian Mungiu accused of plagiarism


Ethics expert discusses plagiarism, dishonesty on college campuses


Teach kids earlier about avoiding plagiarism


In our own words


China sets up "credibility record" to combat exam fraud


New program aimed at curbing plagiarism


Google joins fight against student plagiarism


Brooklyn dodger


Chippy Shaik wants plagiarism info from university


Study halls of shame


Stronger Disciplinary Actions for Plagiarism


Students sit exams for others, plagiarise texts


Google takes aim at online term paper peddlers


Google Ad Policy Cracks Down On Plagiarism


Google to ban essay-writing adverts


Chippy plagiarism: KZN prof resigns


Only a tough stance can purge plagiarism


Plagiarism and the shaky doctorate: What the university says


Faculty enablers


A Slap on the Wrist for Plagiarism


Staunch secularist Arat, a CHP candidate, accused of plagiarism


Battling Term-Paper Cheats


Writing Under The Influence


Bild: Eurovision Winner Song is Plagiarism


U.S. police officer nabbed in case of plagiarized play


Plagiarism in a high-tech age


Technology Both Helps and Hounds Students Who Cheat


Accused of Plagiarism, Magazine Withdraws Issue


Funny Thing About Plagiarism


Lies, all lies. But who do you tell?


Students 'learn to plagiarise in primary school'


Local Students, Teacher Investigated For Plagiarism


T-shirt maker admits artistic plagiarism


Strange Tales From the Trenches


False advertising leads to sushi fraud


Students Stick Up For Teens, Teacher In Plagiarism Investigation


Sparta teacher fights plague


'We can’t monitor every essay selling website'


Mayors Gone Wild: Plagiarism Division


Copy wrongs


IMA to 'supervise' academic medical research to avoid fraud


Board accuses paper of plagiarism


Modern authors are frequently guilty of character plagiarism and identity theft . . .


Cheating takes new forms


Reporter dismissed for plagiarism


Students' Graduation Is In Jeopardy


No to plagiarism


Former Professor Pleads Guilty to Fraud on NSF Grant


Faculty letter criticizes Ohio U., asks for sweeping change


HEC disowns cheaters’ blacklist on website


Duke's business school punishes 34 graduate students for cheating


April 2007


Plagiarism is an easy way to ruin reputation


"Brandjacking" common on Web: report


Minister resigns over plagiarized sermons


Controversial medical article to be retracted


Korean plagiarism case ongoing


Journalistic malpractice: Rampant plagiarism is plaguing profession


VIEW: Plagiarism — causes and consequences — Asghar Qadir


Daily Pennsylvanian Orders Venti No-Foam Chai Plagiarism Latte


China to track down dishonest science researchers


Paris Court Hits Galliano with $275K Fine for Plagiarism


NA body for strict action against lecturers involved in plagiarism


Principal fined over two speeches


Imus scandal overshadowed CBS's plagiarism


British designer accused of plagiarism


Science journalists urged to report fraud


MIT admissions dean resigns over fake resume


JLo sued by scriptwriter over plagiarism


The Tune of Legality


HEC establishes 20 more QECs in universities to curb plagiarism


HEC warns academia against plagiarism


Essays for sale at UK's prestige universities


Plagiarism dispute has high stakes


The Deeper Fakery of Couric's Plagiarism


Science ethics and the developing world


CBS News Fires Producer, Revamps Procedures After Plagiarism Incident


Profs prepare for plagiarism


CBS news producer fired for plagiarism


New details in Korean plagiarism case


Google Faces Plagiarism Questions Over Chinese Software


Repeat performance


Students sue antiplagiarism website for rights to their homework


PU teachers’ resignation linked to plagiarism


Thick or thin envelope?


Stammering Sino scientists steal sayings so says snipey supervisor


HEC stops funding Punjab varsity: Failure to check plagiarism


Students Sue Turnitin Anti-Plagiarism Service For Copyright Infringement


Their dark materials


‘Ineffective’ action in plagiarism scandal: HEC not to sanction more development grants for PU


Indiana U. Press Pulls Biography of Pianist Amid Charges of Plagiarism


March 2007


OU revokes degree for plagiarism


In the spotlight again


Credit where credit is due


Report: Plagiarism on the rise at PSU


Eurovision band deny plagiarism


High schoolers turn in plagiarism screeners for copyright infringement


Chinese scientists unite to fight fraud


Schott denies 'plagiarism' claims


German product plagiarism association opens new museum


Historians lose "Da Vinci Code" plagiarism appeal


Ohio University revokes master's degree in plagiarism probe


Peru: Plagiarism at Every Level


Professor: write your own damn term paper!


Plagiarism Rampant on Campus


Higher Education Commission sets up plagiarism detection cell


China science association publishes moral code for academics


Cut-and-Paste Is a Skill, Too


Thou shalt not steal


More plagiarists


The P Word


No plagiarism, says Jordan; others differ


Thousands of students are using their mobiles to cheat in exams


Right of Reply: I am not a plagiarist


Regional university accused of immigration racket


Open discussion on 'copyright' laws


South Africa: Weeding Out the Plagiarists


An idea worth imitating


Kaavya on Harvard's embarrassing grads list


Punjab University not ready to accept plagiarists


Who Wrote the Book of Love?


Kean U. professor resigns amid allegations of plagiarism


I want to guard my reputation, says top scientist, RA Mashelkar


Plagiarism in Journalism


4,757 pupils caught cheating


ISU fine arts dean reprimanded


Candidate's plans may not be his own


The usual suspects


Course to beat cheats caned


When imitation isn't the sincerest form of flattery


HEC withholds Punjab University grants


In a Charge of Plagiarism, an Echo of a Father’s Case


Bangalore: Bloggers accuse Yahoo of plagiarism


The Copied Word


Looking Over Turnitin's Shoulder


Net plagiarism rife


Japanese leader writer fired for plagiarism


Pilot program at Kiski Area aimed at stopping plagiarism


Second writer accuses Ragen of plagiarism


Boston Globe suspends reporter for plagiarism


College educators turn to high-tech tools to catch plagiarism


Plagiarism Allegation Hits 'Boston Globe' Football Writer


Plaintiff in Ragen plagiarism suit wants $1m


Korea’s Universities Facing Up to Plagiarism


Some things borrowed


February 2007


Dropping the Sanctimony


China's top scientific academy vows to regulate academic conduct


Late pianist's husband admits to plagiarism


Mashelkar takes back report after plagiarism row


Professors criticize plagiarism Web site


UMich Journalist Plagiarizes Crimson


Alleged Hatto plagiarism shakes music world


Life in Kosovo debates wave of plagiarism


Mashelkar admits to plagiarism in report


Too Perfect Harmony: How Technology Fostered, and Detected, a Pianist's Alleged Plagiarism


Paying for Plagiarism


Naomi Ragen denies plagiarism


Lawyers stir the murky depths of plagiarism


Pianist in 'plagiarism' row


Korea Univ. President Resigns Over Plagiarism


Head of university survives plagiarism allegations


Plagiarism incident causes alarm


Judging Conscience by Popular Vote


Jonathan Lethem On Plagiarism


Educational institutions given last chance to shape up


Thorn: 'Little' plagiarism book too hefty


Korea University head proposes confidence vote on plagiarism allegations


Univ. defends its defense against fraud


Two lecturers suspended for alleged fraud


Technological age spurs cheating


Asahi Shimbun journalist found to have plagiarized 2 more articles


‘Common Practice’


PU reckons tough policies equal less embarrassment


Air Force Academy Restricts Students to the Campus for Cheating and Other Misconduct


Asahi managing editor replaced over photographer's plagiarism


Prof. plagiarized report on copyright


KU Council Head Pressured to Step Down


Professors Support Embattled KU Chief




Canadian author accused of plagiarism


Editor says commissioner plagiarized column


University panel not to release results of plagiarism probe of school head


WKRG alleges plagiarism; journalist denies charge


January 2007


IU plagiarism quadruples since 1996


Receptive audience greets professor


Korea Univ. President Awaits Verdict


Theft or imitation? A respected judge considers the possibilities


Universities get proactive to promote academic integrity


Plagiarism by UET Computer Science professor? HEC investigating ‘cheating’ allegations


The plagiarist in the next row


Plagiarism rules ‘new’ findings - Study on varsity research


Fighting plagiarism


"I'm not a terrorist"


National Report Shows Student Plagiarism on the Rise


Professor threatens suit against Poshard


Yonsei Univ. to Discipline Professor


More stem cell fraud uncovered: Co-author of now-discredited Korean embryonic stem cell work accused of falsifying images while a postdoc in Gerald Schatten's labM


Cheating: a last resort for panicked souls


Korea: republic of plagiarism


Making a necessity of virtues


HEC removes PU plagiarist from list of supervisors


Bestseller Accused of Plagiarism


Richard Posner's brief guide to literary theft


Express-News staffer resigns after plagiarism in column is discovered


Minority Report


OU committee moving forward with review of plagiarism cases


HEC could come down hard on PU plagiarists


Mel Gibson being sued for plagiarism


Columnist suspended for plagiarism


Former Sun Writer Hired By Examiner



December 2006


KU Setting Research Ethics Guidelines


Plagiarism suspected at Graphic


Byram battles plagiarism


Rampant Plagiarism


Plagiarism: spontaneous and voluntary


A ‘Four Step Plan’ to plagiarise


Korea Univ. head slammed with plagiarism charges


Mumbai teens film the plagiarism in Bollywood


Korea University President Discounts Plagiarism Claims


Call to ban pupils from coursework at home


Crackdown call to beat class cheats


Exploring the problem of cheating and plagiarism


Star Trib Probe Clears Steve Berg Of Plagiarism


Standing up for integrity


Magistrate accused of plagiarism quits


Star Trib plagiarism probe clears writer


Amsterdam mayor apologizes for plagiarism


More On Mayor Emanuele’s Pearl Harbor Day Speech


Candidate's doctorate in question


Mexican Filmmaker Accuses Mel Gibson of Plagiarism


Carter Accused of Plagiarism


Jimmy Carter: "worse than plagiarism"


Plagiarism charge is history


Memoir in McEwan row soars in value


U of Wisconsin Student Paper Fires Editor for Repeated Plagiarism


What Did Ian McEwan Do?


Missouri biologist acknowledges fraud in disputed research


How Dumb Do They Think We Are?


College Plagiarism Easier Than Ever


Novelists Defend One of Their Own Against a Plagiarism Charge


Plagiarism Charge Against Carter Is 2nd To Roil Jewish World


Biometrics, Nanotechnology Could Help Combat Cheating On Exams


Employee at a New York Community College Is Charged in Pay-for-Grades Scheme


Trolling the arXiv for plagiarism


Warning: the words you are about to read may be stolen


Campus Downloading


The Plagiarism Furies strike again


UW-Madison student newspaper fires editor for plagiarism


November 2006


Star Tribune editorial writer investigated for plagiarism


New rules proposed to catch science fraud


Author denies plagiarism claim


Chronicle writer fired for plagiarism


Traffic School for Essay Thieves


Journal releases report on South Korean cloning researchers


Steps Urged to Prevent Fraud in Science Journals


Dead Plagiarists Society


Oak Ridge researchers admit errors


PCC tries rehabilitating - not booting - cheaters


Plagiarism? No - it's called research


Final report on PU plagiarism


Pima Community College creates "traffic school" for plagiarists




How Google Book Search can be used to uncover Plagiarism


Campus cheating goes high-tech


Plagiarism rises amid funding cuts


Kealing: Plagiarism found in Jayplay


Swedish website says Chinese news service is committing plagiarism


Many plagiarism cases 'unintentional'


'Star Tribune' Ombud Looks Into 'New Yorker' Plagiarism Flap


Faculty divided on use of plagiarism software


Plagiarism Charge


Plagiarism workshops inform students


Intellectual property fraud an 'epidemic'


UT Press stops sales of Civil War book after plagiarism alleged


Pro: Should teachers use


Turnitin risks privacy


SIUC Chancellor Steps Down Today, Says He Looks Forward To Teaching


Lesson in doing the right thing


University of Missouri probes possible fraud


OU mines theses and dissertations for plagiarism


UT Press stops sales of Civil War book after plagiarism alleged


College probes thesis plagiarism


UTC professor accused of plagiarism


'Da Vinci' case turned down by Supreme Court


Caught red-handed


Where have I read that before?


Students shocked at Wendler's demotion


Plagiarism detection program questioned


University of Missouri study raises concerns of scientific fraud


China issues regulation on scientific misconduct


Ohio U. Plans to Check for Plagiarism in Hundreds More Theses


SIU chancellor replaced


Wikipedia critic finds 142 plagiarized passages on website


Harvard to catch cheaters with anti-plagiarism software


Hackers, Plagiarism Claims Hit Wikipedia


Southern Illinois U. Chancellor Tainted by Allegation of Plagiarism Will Leave Office Early


Commentary: The semantics of plagiarism


Harvard student paper suspends two for plagiarism


Webb Plagiarism Update


Wikipedia critic identifies entries with evidence of plagiarism


Report: Wendler 'lifted' passages


SIU chancellor plagiarizes old school's growth plan


Wikipedia and Plagiarism


Malaysia editor in plagiarism row


Report Clears Wendler of Plagiarism Charge


Ghana: Where's the MP?


Medical Journal Retracts Oral Cancer Studies Linked to Fraud



October 2006


Harvard paper suspends two for plagiarism


Cagle Defends Harvard Cartoonist Suspected of Plagiarism


Plagiarism still a problem for College


Panel presses for SIU to review anti-plagiarism policies


Plagiarism redefined


Raytheon rockets ahead: Stock, CEO’s pay surge after plagiarism flap


'Harvard Crimson' Investigating Possible Cartoon Plagiarism


Harvard Crimson cuts student column


Are Professors to Blame for Plagiarism?


Plagiarism report to be released next week


2nd Russ prof sues OU


Plagiarism-Detection Web Site Must Not Profit From Students' Work


Trustees hear update on how OU dealing with plagiarism issue


Ohio University Considers Revoking Degrees for Plagiarism


Older professors worry more about Net plagiarism


OU students accused of plagiarism told to rewrite theses


Deans to focus on plagiarism


Plagiarism review board up for vote


Are teachers and computers responsible for plagiarism?


The blame for plagiarism


Student Speaks Out About Plagiarism Accusations


“Dodgy” Master`s Degree palaver - MP says it`s…
Politically Motivated!


Parents told: help children to think


S.K. art curator accused of plagiarism


Committee completes plagiarism report


Student regent resigns following plagiarism allegations


Local students protest use of


Plagiarism 'is fault of indulgent lecturers'


Welch thinks for himself


Something Borrowed, Nothing New


HEC directs inquiry into alleged plagiarism cases at universities


UB does not need Turnitin


Plagiarism Web Site Stirs Debate


PU charge-sheet 5 plagiarism accused


Does plagiarism-detection service violate student privacy?


Nice CV, shame about the lies


Exams supremo steps up checks


Ivy League Shuns Anti-Plagiarism Tool as U.S. Cheating Rises


Fighting Plagiarism: Taking the Work Out of Homework


Rainville staff finds a few more copied statements


Speechwriter accused of plagiarism resigns from Vt. Republican's congressional campaign


Anti-plagiarism service criticized for cheating students, teachers out of academic relationship


Rainville staffer fired for plagiarism of policy statements


Uncovering the 'True' History of the Funerary Violin


Congressional candidate's aide resigns over plagiarism allegation


KU changes its mind on subscribing to anti-plagiarism service


Sold! Students pay top dollar for plagarized papers


Vt. Campaign Aide Accused of Plagiarism


OU faculty, students discuss new policies, procedures to fight plagiarism


Manatee schools confront cheating's multimillion-dollar industry


Online journals challenge scientific peer review


Academic Integrity Gets a Bad Grade in Survey of University Students in Canada


Jury Convicts Former Student of Bribery in Grade-Buying Scandal at Southern U. at Baton Rouge



September 2006


Shopping around against cheats


Study shows cheating is commonplace in Canadian universities


New plagiarism cases suspected: 15 OU chemical engineering theses face investigation from committee


KOREA: LG sweats over phone ads plagiarism


More controls on GCSE coursework


Mercy of the Court of Public Opinion


Reject pastoral plagiarism; preach in simplicity, purity


Tech-savvy cheaters plaguing campuses


Bob Dylan Borrowing Lines From Timrod?


High-school students fight anti-cheating firm


Plagiarism-detection alternatives sought


McLean students protest plagiarism detection service


Cheaters never win...


Welcome to Plagiarism U


KU ends subscription to anti-plagiarism service


OK on Sermon Plagiarism Is Misguided Advice Says Christian Professor


The juror's plagiarism


KU to Drop Anti-Plagiarism Tool


When does sloppy attribution become plagiarism?


Bogus Yale doctorate holder jailed for fraud


As Goes Harvard . . .


How worthy is research?


Survey: M.B.A. students more likely to cheat


Graduates face loss of degree


Plagiarists: Catch Your Own Clue


With the Internet's advent, plagiarism extends beyond students


OU's system for spotting plagiarism fails to pick up key clues in theses


Pastoral plagiarism


OU engineering school airs plagiarism issue at student meeting


Allegations of plagiarism raised by kaleidoscope installation in Echigo-Tsumari


SIU-Carbondale Chancellor responds to plagiarism accusations


Russ College to check volunteered theses


OU forum focuses on academic ethics


PU VC authorised to issue charge sheet to plagiarists


Hill: No piracy in Shultz’s speech


Leading Custom Writing Website Launches Unique Plagiarism Detection Module


University catches 237 student cheats who trawl the internet


Two more PU professors accused of plagiarism


SIU faces more plagiarism charges


Shultz speech sets off plagiarism debate


European Plagiarism of African Math


SIU administrator hit by plagiarism allegations


Survey Finds Widespread Cheating in M.B.A. Programs


Who’s This Guy Dylan Who’s Borrowing Lines From Henry Timrod?


Engineering prof files a second suit over OU plagiarism scandal


Of research and plagiarism


SNU Academic Named Next Education Minister


An Old Battle's Fresh Wounds


Bangalore prof in plagiarism row


Plagiarism Hunters at Southern Illinois U. Say Campus's Strategic Plan Was Lifted


PU fourth plagiarism inquiry body reconstituted


August 2006


Guest Voice: Plagiarism, Clichés, Influence, And Google


Salt Lake Reporter Dismissed Over Plagiarism Charge


'Da Vinci Code' author sued for plagiarism


Midstate colleges not ready to brand academically dishonest students


Grads in Plagiarism Scandal Face Hearing


Plagiarism hearings to take place Fall Quarter


In wake of plagiarism cases, OU cracks down on cheating


Committee recommends punishment over plagiarism charge


U. of Cincinnati Moves to Fire Scholar for Plagiarism in Book on German-Americans


Scholars flay delay in probing plagiarism charges


Ohio U. Requires Hearings for Graduates Accused of Plagiarism Who Want to Revise Theses


Professor accused of plagiarism gets key job


Is PU admin protecting plagiarists?


Plagiarism charges hit OU grad program


Einfeld PhD 'is not worth the paper'


How the OU thesis problem was exposed


New Book Connects Novelist's Plagiarism Scandal with the Drawbacks of Offshore Outsourcing


DDT ban was scientific fraud


Widespread Fraud Alleged in Camden, N.J. Schools


Fired Ohio U Professor Sues School


Former OU professor 'not surprised' with plagiarism problems


Foremost journal for higher ed leads with OU plagiarism scandal


Book links Kaavya debacle with ‘perils’ of outsourcing


Hunt's gov. campaign revisits Rep. Gibbons' plagiarism


Kaavya returns to Harvard as a student adviser


Fighting Plagiarism


Mississippi's largest paper breaks ties with food columnist over plagiarism


Plagiarism spreading on the Web


Reuters says Mideast photographer doctored shots


The Plagiarism Hunter


S.Korean education minister resigns amid scandal of thesis plagiarism


Online plagiarism threatens UK degrees


New education minister defends his thesis, denies plagiarism


Minister Refuses to Resign


July 2006


In Praise of Copying


Dark Horse Accused of Plagiarism


Education Minister Pressured to Resign


Plagiarism: Byproduct of a world that's run out of ideas


Faulty Education Minister


Science and shams


To Catch A Word Thief: Plagiarism Software Tracks Down Academic Cheaters


Poshard's full statement on the plagiarism controversy


Chancellor at SIUE concedes plagiarism


Education Minister Refutes Plagiarism Allegations


Minister Faces Plagiarism Accusations


Grade scandal spurs new NCAA reform plea


SIU-Edwardsville chancellor accused of plagiarism


Poshard defends chancellors against plagiarism charges


College Football: Duke QB gets suspension for plagiarism


Giving in to the urge to cheat


Most students accused of plagiarism will rewrite theses


Differing Standards on Plagiarism


SIU chancellor accused of plagiarism


Duke QB suspended for plagiarism


Internet author sues over plagiarism


Character counts: Why plagiarism is wrong


'Pirates of the Caribbean' studio sued for plagiarism


New plagiarism problems arise


University heads call for harsher penalties for academic fraud


New job for ex-dean


Sorry, harpies--syndicator sees no Coulter plagiarism


Technological arms race over plagiarism in schools is worth watching


20 Alumni of Ohio U. Engineering School Own Up to Plagiarism and Will Resubmit Their Theses


Chinese University Presidents Assail 'Rock Bottom' Academic Ethics


Two on OU faculty stripped of duties over plagiarism claims


Philly Paper Gave Letter Writer Big Chance -- Led to Plagiarism


Debunking the Coulter Plagiarism Charges


Syndicator Dismisses Coulter Plagiarism Charges


One Flew East: Levels of Plagiarism


New system to root out researchers who cheat


Coulter's Syndicate Requests Report From Plagiarism Prober -- As She Hits Back at 'NY Post'


Chairman denies plagiarism case prompted his stepping down


Uni cheats create an opening


Syndicate Will Look Into Alleged Coulter Plagiarism On Its Own -- And Possibly With Electronic Tool


Professor's term as department head ends amid plagiarism probe


Former UVM professor convicted of research fraud


Commission Says Researcher Guilty of Fraud



June 2006


Former OU engineering professor faced plagiarism allegations


Top cancer scientist 'faked data'


Research being strengthened


Plagiarism consequences to be determined by 2007


NY Post reporter suspended for plagiarism


Former UVM professor convicted of research fraud to be sentenced


Cyber school for cheats


Plagiarism case against Clooney rejected


Tongji fires bogus overseas professor


Tackling plagiarism 'too much work' for lecturers


Inquiry finds five tutors guilty of plagiarism


Syriana plagiarism case dismissed


Plagiarism and Google generation under spotlight


Teachers Adjust Lesson Plans as Web Fuels Plagiarism


Exam 'spy' traps school cheats


British students outsourcing assignments to India


Biologist charged with more fraud


History professor says Marquette map a fraud


Agency finds UNC scientist falsified data for journals


Da Vinci plagiarism controversy reignited


Unappealing portrait of the artist as a plagiarist


American institute probing plagiarism by varsity teachers


Student Plagiarism, Faculty Responsibility


Report finds 'rampant' plagiarism in OU mech. engineering theses


Artist in plagiarism case 'borrowed ideas'


Panel confirms Wesley plagiarism


One in three students knows of colleagues who have stolen copy


William M Gumede responds to accusations of plagiarism


World Conference on Research Integrity announced


Plagiarism panel recommends firing two OU professors


'Vanity Fair' Muses: Is There More to 'Da Vinci' Plagiarism?



May 2006


Engineering Plagiarism Investigation Timeline


Wesley community awaits results of plagiarism review


Promoting Science and Useful Arts: The Growth of Copyright Since 1976


Academic fraud panel


College ponders source of plagiarism problems


Biotech firm, its founder indicted in fraud case


Writer used material without attributing sources


LDP lawmaker apologizes for blog plagiarism


Beijing Court Awards 200,000 Yuan In Plagiarism Case


China scientists hope US exchange can halt scandals


Imperialism And Plagiarism


Mehta Fiction


Anti-plagiarism programs look over students' work


Internet makes plagiarism easy


Plagiarism not limited to authors


Faking it


The Difference Between Giving Credit and Taking Credit: Plagiarism


Brayton Purcell Awarded Over $180,000 in Web Site Plagiarism Suit


Why Plagiarism Is So in Vogue


Plagiarism alive and well in Vt. schools


Colleges Chase as Cheats Shift to Higher Tech


Report of the Investigative Committee of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder concerning Allegations of Academic Misconduct against Professor Ward Churchill


The Ward Churchill Verdict


Is China's rash of plagiarism a deeply rooted cultural issue?


An open letter on research integrity in China


Research fraud rampant in China: A Chinese study found that 60 percent of PhD candidates admitted to plagiarism, bribery


From an original story by ...




Under the influence


(Another) author under fire


Derby TV ratings dip; Producer fired for plagiarism


Uni dean axed over chip research fraud


Copycat publishers in plagiarism hitman's sights


Wesley appoints panel to review plagiarism allegations


Producer Fired for Plagiarism


Report hints at IDF plagiarism


What is the price of plagiarism?


Research plagiarism in PU


Generation Xerox


Plagiarism review set for Wesley College


China 'must act on rising claims of scientific fraud'


Report On Ward Churchill Complete


South Africa: Mbeki Author in New Plagiarism Row


Plagiarism Compromises Harvard's Integrity

Online plagiarism strikes blog world


Whatever Happened to the Plagiarism Charges Leveled Against Don Heinrich Tolzmann?


When words aren't yours


Freud on the couch


Clark accused of plagiarism


Copycats running wild in China's universities


College president who apologized for plagiarism accused again


National Gallery pays out in Vuillard plagiarism suit


Teenage author's £271,000 deal axed over 'plagiarism'


Plagiarism row trims boss's pay


Journals 'regularly publish fraudulent research'


Memory, plagiarism linked


Raytheon freezes CEO’s pay over plagiarism flap


Plagiarism claims bring career to a full stop


Plagiarism ‘cancer’ not so easy to cure


Misconduct mayhem


The teenage plagiarist


Worry at web exam plagiarism rise


Rushdie enters row over young author's 'plagiarism'


Have you ever plagiarized? If so, you're in good company


In Internet Age, Writers Face Frontier Justice


April 2006


Agony of being brought to book for the sincerest form of flattery


Plagiarism by any name is just as foul


For a Harvard Student and Aggrieved Novelist, Plagiarism Generates Interest


Publisher to pulp bestseller at centre of plagiarism claims


Sophomore’s New Book Contains Passages Strikingly Similar to 2001 Novel


Kaavya Case Not First Plagiarism Controversy for Opal Mehta Packager


Former Senior Proctor Grafen highlights plagiarism concerns


£1000 a week for your essays


Harvard student novelist accused of plagiarism


Universities, newspapers aren’t serious enough about stamping out plagiarism


Lax oversight by Pitt enabled Schatten fiasco


Da Vinci plagiarism ruling upheld


Writers will never respond well to plagiarism


When plagiarism robs the poor of inspiration


Globe resorts to disreputable 'Dershowitz defence'


Top Chinese academic under fire from 'science police'


German student accuses New Zealand writer of plagiarism


Celebrated NZ author faces claim of plagiarism


Writer in $2.8m book dispute


NRI asked to withdraw book following plagiarism


Now Russian sues Brown over his Da Vinski Code


Aadesh accuses Anu, Sameer of plagiarism


UK takes action on medical research fraud


No place for plagiarism


Panel to expose fraudulent medical research


Plagiarism: A world of copycats


Student accused of plagiarizing film reviews


'Da Vinci Code' author faces new plagiarism claim


Internet exposes plagiarism in China


Syriana hit by plagiarism claims


Paper-writer banned from U of A - Former instructor wrote for first-years


Brown wins 'Da Vinci Code' plagiarism battle


Is proofreading plagiarism?


The President as Candidate


'I was naive and stupid'


Plagiarism ring busted at U of A unreliable in stopping plagiarism


Ohio U. Says 37 Former Graduate Students Committed Plagiarism and Could Face a Range of Penalties (subscription)


Scholars: Putin may have plagiarized his thesis


Plagiarism row dogs radio doctor


Plagiarism confirmed at OU



March 2006


Gore to open conference at MTSU on issues facing media


Covert sting op uncovers plagiarism scheme


Copycat judge exposed as repeat offender


Web pulls apart a web


Initial report verifies about 30 plagiarism cases


S. Korean singer in plagiarism scandal


Putin plagiarized from Pitt professors


Dutch Child Poet Accused Of Plagiarism


Chinese professor accused of lying on CV gets fired blogger quits amid allegations of plagiarism


Russia: U.S. Academics Charge Putin With Plagiarizing Thesis


Excusing students for plagiarism promotes irresponsibility in U.S.


Plagiarism incident may affect Wendler's MSU status


The conundrum of scientific fraud


'Plagiarist' magistrate refuses to quit


Letter: Where does plagiarism begin, end?


His Old College Paper Troubled by Plagiarism Charges Against 'Wash Post' Blogger


Fashion writer accused of plagiarism over book proposal




In China, faculty plagiarism a `national scandal'


New policies to target varsity plagiarism


Plagiarism persists in classrooms


Diploma-Mill Operators Bribed Liberian Officials for Bogus Credentials, Court Documents Say


Writer Depicts Scientists Risking Glory for Truth and Truth for Glory


University fires professor at centre of cloning fraud


Schools target students who think online plagiarism is OK


Professor accused of plagiarism: University declines comment on situation

First James Frey, Now Dan Brown...Is the Secretive Da Vinci Code Author Really a Plagiarist?


B.I.G. album pulled from market


Lawyer: Dan Brown evidence suspect


University students admit to plagiarism


Plagiarism case plays out in London court


Florida Teachers Caught Cheating Are Fired, But Just Barely


'Wall decorator' Vettriano gives his art critics the brush-off


No defence for Da Vinci


As husband faces plagiarism charges, where is Blythe Brown?


Notre Dame alerted to possible case of plagiarism


Third of students admit to plagiarism


Parents dispute penalty for plagiarism


Bloom off The Flowers over plagiarism


Internet found to be encouraging student plagiarism


Internet plagiarism 'is rife at Oxford'


Dan Brown "astounded" at plagiarism claim


Dan Brown Defends `Da Vinci Code' in Plagiarism Case (Update 1)


Research fraud, ethics violations cost taxpayers




Students 'admit copying essays': A significant minority of students admit cheating in their university essays, according to a survey


Plagiarism, fake research plague academia


MIT Can...t Access Its Own Research


Biomedical Journals Ill-Prepared to Deal With Fraud: Survey


Internet plagiarism rife at Oxford, says Don


Editor leaves Village Voice 2 weeks after fabrication case


"Lucky Treasures" not so lucky


Plagiarism claim cleared


Prof Steve Jones on how Humpty Dumpty was fooled by a mimic


'Da Vinci' author 'astounded' at allegations


Plagiarism detector banned by University


Official reactions on plagiarism accusations


Notre Dame clears plagiarism complaint


Ohio University investigates plagiarism complaints


Students win battle against anti-plagiarism tool


Report: No plagiarism by ND prof


Plagiarism Suit Boosts Da Vinci Sale


Dan Brown asks plagiarism accusers if they've got any ideas for a sequel


Kiwi exaggerates Da Vinci Code plagiarism claims


MSVU bans anti-plagiarism software


Plagiarism: An erosion of ethics


New guide tackles internet plagiarism


University expels cheater scan


Research Misconduct, Retraction, and Cleansing the Medical Literature: Lessons from the Poehlman Case


Author's accuser said he overstated alleged plagiarism


University fires official accused of plagiarism


Oh, Oh, Schiavo---Another State Criminalizes Lying On Resume


Plagiarism plagues college campuses


Editors gain tool to help root out plagiarism


But when is copying plagiarism?


Vedomosti, RBK plagiarism suit hearing set for March 13


Da Vinci case might lead to plagiarism crackdown



February 2006

Originality sins


Michigan man fakes memoirs of growing up Navajo


Plagiarists Exposed, Then Explored


Dan Brown accused of plagiarism


Perceived Plagiarism at Ohio U.


Engineering School at Ohio U. Investigates 44 Cases of Alleged Plagiarism by Graduate Students


RadioShack CEO resigns amid resume questions


"Flower" involved in copyright infringement


Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Charges


OU acknowledges multiple plagiarism cases, moves to enforce student code

'Da Vinci' author 'stole plot'

Become a 'graduate' for just Dh800

Plagiarism all too familiar in school

OU investigates possible thesis plagiarism cases

Plagiary, It's Crawling All Over Me


Young Scientists to Document Hwang Research Fraud

Write or wrong? The problem of plagiarism


Plagiarism: Does anyone know its definition?


Americans are better at fibs


Israeli sues Higgins Clark for plagiarism


Confronting the Culture


Megahit movie stung by plagiarism claim


Media Frauds and Plagiarism


Notre Dame dismisses plagiarism complaint


Antjie Krog denies plagiarism claims


Does plagiarism matter? Answer in your own words


Krog poems: publishers consider legal action


Con Men in Lab Coats


Down in Flames: Can stem cell research recover from Woo Suk Hwang?


Student scolded over plagiarism accusation


Nevada schools to adopt code of honor to curb student cheating


Plagiarism policy upgraded


A glance at Plagiary: A new journal on plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification


SIUC chancellor admits attribution lapse


Local schools to adopt code of honor to curb cheating


Student cheating incidents level off: Shift follows several years of increases


Schatten Deeply Implicated in Hwang Fraud: Witness


Poaching Eggs


SIU chancellor apologizes to author


New technology increases need to fight plagiarism


Media take skeptical stance on scientific journals in scandal's wake


Software to catch UNH cyber-cheats


What you see isn't necessarily what you get


Detecting fraud at journals


Under the microscope


Lies, Damn Lies… and Scientific Misconduct: It’s time for a revolution in the ethics of research


Web encyclopedia articles 'vandalised'


Journals Tackle Scientific Fraud


‘Plagiarism is value addition, not dilution’


Science sucked back into battle of sexes


Is Peer Review Broken?


None Dare Call It Plagiarism


Judge a Book by Its Cover


The Rumor: What really cost Chris Dussold his dream job?


Stem cell scandal may underscore perils of co-authorship


Emory's fraud tip line aims to keep science honest


Stanford Ethicists Explain Why Science Needs Strong Ethical Culture


'Slovenian entry plagiarism'

January 2006


Blue Apple to Cancel Book


Former TV Critic Perkins Writes First Post-Plagiarism Piece


'Tulsa World' Hires Editorial Cartoonist Doug Marlette


Smoking out photo hoaxes with software


Plagiarism cases put Journalism Department on alert


Doctoring the evidence


Silent Scientist Under Fire: the American Collaborator of a Disgraced South Korean Is Keeping Mum


The Young and the Plagiaristic


Junk medicine: scientific peer review


Oprah Calls Defense of Author 'a Mistake'


Legalized 'Cheating'


Science photos scrutinized: Some journals found that the images were altered when they were digitized for publication


Teachers turn tables in plagiarism battle


UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: Even using the most critical eye, research fraud is difficult to detect, say those who publish studies


Second Med Journal Probes Research Fraud


Catholic group charges prof with Globe plagiarism


Bill O’Reilly and Fox News Subjects of Plagiarism Lawsuit


Norwegian government handles research fraud


Unis' blind eye on cheat claim


A Great Dream . . .


Commission to fight research fraud


Fraud in science is hard to conceal


Fraud: Journals must act now


The unholy lust of scientists: It may be time to curtail public financing of scientific research


'Science' retracts discredited stem cell papers


Honolulu Star-Bulletin Fires Veteran Reporter for Plagiarism After Investigation by and Hawaii Reporter


Honolulu Star-Bulletin Fires Veteran Reporter


The Adam Smith Myth


Real Corruption in Washington


Technology seen abetting manipulation of research


Plagiarism at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin


Dishonoring the Honor System


Artist's Playground - (or Plagiarism?): Aspects of Copying In Contemporary Culture

Tuesday, 31 January 2006, 10.30am - 5.30pm
Lecture Theatre One, Royal College of Art, London, SW7 2EU

Copying can be essential for an artist’s practice and many artists developed their individual style by looking at, translating and sampling other people’s work. But how far can you go? How similar is similar? And what happens to artists who tread close to the line. What is the difference between parody and plagiarism?
The Association of Illustrators has brought together experts in their disciplines to discuss the many aspects of copying in their specific fields.

Speakers include:

Robert Lands, Lawyer, specialising in intellectual property law, Finers Stephens Innocent - case studies

Prof. Dr. Ursula Link-Heer, Professor of Latin Literature, Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal, Germany - a short history of the term 'Style' in literature - parody or plagiarism?

Karsten Schubert, Curator and Art Dealer - about copying as common practice in the history of art from the middle ages to Picasso and its meaning/context

Patricia Bickers, Editor, Art Monthly - about contemporary practice of copying in the 20th/21st century from Ready Made to Appropriation Art

Simon Stern, Illustrator and author of ‘Rights - The Illustrators Guide to Professional Practice’: the commercial artist’s perspective

Paul Gerhardt, Director of BBC Creative Archive, The provider’s perspective

Please Book in Advance:
Tickets: £35 AOI members, £55 non-members, £30 students (please send proof of status), 10% discount on group bookings of 6 or more.
Please send a cheque made payable to the Association of Illustrators to AOI, 2nd floor, Back Building, 150 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AR or telephone 020 7324 7222 to book with Visa/MasterCard or Solo/Switch (Maestro) . . .

. . . or book online at the AOI website



Key points from S.Korean science fraud probe


Hwang's first human embryonic stem cell faked


Upcoming Symposium:

Academic Integrity
A New Look at Law, Policy and Practice

A Symposium Presented by
The State University of New York
University Faculty Senate

Albany, New York
March 23-24, 2006




South Korean system aided research fraud


Defence payout for equipment design plagiarism


Time for some medicine


Plagiarism, Payola, Profits And Other Big Media Issues


Dover & the cult of science


Stem Cell Research Side-Swiped


Famous Chinese professor criticized for plagiarism


Toronto Star and two other papers lift decade-old item, run it as new


Columnist quits Sun over plagiarism charges


Internet making student plagiarism all too easy



December 2005


Students cheating to the top


The promotion of Plagiarist Beuran, a slap in the face of Romanian School


The Prostitution of Science


What Made Hwang’s Fraud Possible?


Ethics in Research Debated


Plagiarism rampant among Indian researchers too


Spectacular science fraud shakes stem cell field


Research fraud shakes stem-cell field


Professor sacked for plagiarism


Stem cell research fraud shock


Rent-a-Researcher--Did a British university sell out to Procter & Gamble?


Plagiarism Project gives Web site audio


Cloned stem cell lines all false


Fears cloning fraud may damage all sciences

'Slam Dunk' manga magazine fouls out over plagiarism claims


Laboratory ethics: What makes some scientists cheat?

Former SIUE professor claims unjust firing for plagiarism

New Journal--International Journal for Educational Integrity

Plagiarism 'widespread' Amongst Asian Students

Levels Of Cheating And Plagiarism Remain High

Dr. Hwang Dropped from Scientific American 50 for Faking Research

Stem-cell researcher vows to prove work


Diploma scams victim-free until someone is hurt


A Case of 'Accidental' Plagiarism


Liberals accused of plagiarism in new ads




November 2005 (and previous)


Data falsification found in '04


A Charming Plagiarist


The Literary Lynching of Brad Vice


TV Critic Quits, Accused of Plagiarism


'Star-Telegram' TV Critic Resigns After Plagiarism Inquiry


The Strange Case of the Spoofer Captured by a Spoof


Plagiarism at the San Francisco Chronicle


A Californian Reporter's Web of Deceit


Who Owns an Idea? Scholars Take Sides: Sociology Book Spurs 'Conceptual Plagiarism' Charge


Madonna Loses Plagiarism Case in Belgium


'He Took Paragraphs From My Work, Word for Word'--Psychiatrist Faces Plagiarism Charge


Tú Plagia Que Algo Queda


Maxim's Logan to Retire


Vettriano Breaks Silence to Strike Back Over Plagiarism Claims


Top University Sacks Teacher for Plagiarism


UK Date Set for Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Trial


Top Aide to Turkish PM Found Guilty of Plagiarism, Underscoring Tensions


Plagiarism Slur on Panorama's Opening Film


Deepa Mehta to Settle Plagiarism Case


Paradise of Plagiarism: The Internet, Copyright, and the Mystery of Amari Hamadene


He Borrowed Words, But Is It Plagiarism?


Feminist Professor Accused of Plagiarism


Upcoming Conference on "Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism" at the University of Michigan

Conference date: 23-25 September 2005

From the University of Michigan's Sweetland Writing Center website:

The Sweetland Writing Center will hold a national conference to explore the inter-related issues of originality, imitation and plagiarism for students, scholars, professional writers, and readers. This conference will draw local and national attention to issues of concern to educators, students, and the general public, namely the widespread perception that much written work for academic purposes and general consumption is no longer original, but is imitative or plagiarized.


Upcoming Conference on "Plagiarism Across the Science Disciplines"

Plagiarism Across the Science Disciplines - An Exploration of the Parameters of Plagiarism in Scholarly and Scientific Publications

NYU Medical Center's Schwartz Lecture Hall, 550 First Avenue (31st), New York City.

Conference date
: October 1, 2020

From the conference website:

The conference is an opportunity to: (1) develop a consensus as to what constitutes plagiarism - defining it and understanding the cultural forces that influence it, and (2) explore standards and best practices in responding to plagiarism, from the perspectives of:

goverment agencies charege with enforcing research misconduct standards;
scientific journals, when plagiarism is brought to the attention of the editor;
research institutions, with broader interests as employer, educator, and protector of academic freedom; and scientists who are attempting to avoid plagiarism or who are accused of an act of plagiarism.


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