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An Instance of "dynamic subliminal intertextuality with aesthetic interfacings"


Editor's Note: Article forthcoming, working title "'Intervoluted' Intertextuality in Fiction"




Plagiarism Punished

Many years ago some of my classmates that the Columbia University School of
Engineering were punished for plagiarizing. They all belonged to the same
fraternity, which was stocked with an ample supply of lab reports to copy.
We all performed tests on the laboratory's V-8 engine and I submitted my
report on the results. But the frat boys copied the available lab report on a
test of an engine, but it was for a replaced straight six. The instructor
failed all of them! My report earned an "A."

Yours truly,

Mel Mandell



Go Nail the Thieves

I read about you in The New York Times yesterday . . . I am a working journalist and author who has been plagiarized many number of times. I was a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, which I joined in 1954 and retired in 1986, and since then have been on the masthead as a special contributor. I have had articles plagiarized and books plagiarized, plus copyright violations. In the most egregious case, a well known NYC MD and his co-author lifted more than 5,000 words directly from a book I had ghosted for another well known NYC MD. The attorney who took the case, Jim Rittinger, said it was the worst case of plagiarism that he had ever seen, and he had worked on the "Roots" case. My MD and I wound up collecting 40K, and just this past year I collected 10K (I could have collected more but had no wish to be depicted as greedy) from a conservation organization that put word for word abstracts of chapters of a book of mine on its website. I could go on and on . . .

Go nail the thieves.

Good luck to you.

Robert H. Boyle




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